Star Ledger: Newark residents don't get fair share of local jobs, report says

The Star Ledger reports:

A report by a social justice group found that, despite Newark's highly touted renaissance, residents hold fewer than one-fifth of all jobs in the city, while the jobs they do hold tend to be at the low end of the pay scale.

To address those disparities, recommendations contained in Tuesday's report by the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice include tightening local hiring requirements for firms awarded public contracts and a hike in the state's minimum wage.  

The report, titled "Bridging the Two Americas: Employment & Economic Opportunity in Newark & Beyond,"  comes amid a highly touted renaissance for Newark, that includes its emergence as a budding technology hub and most visible in a residential and commercial building boom in the city's downtown section.  

"Newark is in the midst of an economic expansion, with thriving business industries bolstered by its strategic location as one of the main transportation hubs in the United States, with one of the busiest airports and seaports in the world," the report states. "Yet, incredibly, Newark residents hold only 18 percent of all jobs in the city."

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