Ryan Haygood on Christie's Voter Fraud Allegations: "A false narrative of a danger that doesn't exist"

Ryan Haygood speaks with the Bergen Record about Governor Christie's allegations of voter fraud during the 2016 presidential election:

President and CEO of the New Jersey Center for Social Justice Ryan Haygood noted that there is not any proof of widespread voter fraud, in New Jersey or around the country.

"Credible studies show that there is greater chance a person will be struck by lightening than see an instance of voting fraud," Haygood said...

"This creates a false narrative of a danger that doesn't exist," Haygood said. "This is the first step in creating legislation to protect against a problem that doesn't exist. It lays the groundwork for voter suppression. In Texas, where they enacted voter ID laws, we saw a very similar narrative around the need to protect against voter fraud."

He noted that he would like see New Jersey be "a model of democracy" that focuses on having more participation.

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