The Integrated Justice Alliance (IJA) is a solution-oriented collective of organizations who generate and support effective public policies before, during and after incarceration in New Jersey.  NJISJ has taken on a facilitating role in IJA– leading the alliance and supporting its agenda initiatives.  IJA represents a broad coalition of over 80 organizations with expertise in criminal justice, community organizing, reentry, mental health and policy.  IJA is directed by a steering committee consisting of over two dozen volunteers from around the state under the guidance of NJISJ.


To make our voices heard so that criminal justice policies are informed, systems are reformed, and lives are transformed.


  • We value the stories and participation of the people most directly affected by the criminal justice system.
  • We value being prepared and informed with facts, statistics, research, and evidence-based practices and then taking action.
  • We value being community-based and having hands-on experience in the field of criminal justice.
  • We value being allies who look for points of commonality and not being afraid to hold leaders and their organizations accountable.
  • We value our diversity and strive to remain democratic in our group process and activities.