Planetizen: Ensuring Newark's Revival Doesn't Make it the Next Brooklyn

Citing Senior Counsel Demelza Baer's report, Bridging the Two Americas, Irvin David writes for Planetizen on the need to make sure that Newark does not become the next Brooklyn:

Fast forward to today, and the city still has its socio-economic problems.

"Poverty in Newark remains at a rate well above the national average, and only 18 percent of the people who hold jobs in Newark live here, according to a report from the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice; in other large cities that figure is often between 30 and 50 percent."

For example, "[i]n New Orleans, local residents hold 46 percent of jobs; in Detroit, local residents hold 25 percent of jobs," according to the institute's report, "Bridging the Two Americas: Employment & Economic Opportunity in Newark & Beyond," released last April.

The major tools to avoid gentrification include a local hiring program and inclusionary zoning for larger developments that Baraka is trying to get the city council to approve.

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