Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission Hires New Employees to Help with Ongoing Sandy Recovery

The Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission has added 10 new employees to assist with its ongoing recovery from Hurricane Sandy.

The new hires, which are all temporary, were coordinated with the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice's Metro Newark Brownfields Training Program, according to a news release.

They will serve as apprentices in the commission's maintenance and operations departments, which help run area wastewater treatment facilities that serve much of North Jersey.

PVSC Executive Director Michael DeFrancisci said he was happy to participate in a program that could meet the commission's short-term needs while supplying the new hires with work experience that could help them get future work.

"This is a win-win for us and these men and

women.  We have the good fortune of getting well-trained workers who will gain excellent experience and receive a good-paying job," he said.


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