New Jersey Institute for Social Justice to Join Legislators in Trenton for Introduction of Reparations Legislation

The Newark Times' Tehsuan Glover Reports

On Thursday, November 14, at 2 PMthe New Jersey Institute for Social Justice and its partners (Rutgers Inclusion ProjectNew Jersey Black Issues ConventionNAACP New Jersey State ConferenceSalvation and Social JusticeAssociation of Black Women Lawyers of New Jersey; and Fair Share Housing Center) will join legislators at the State House in Trenton for the introduction of legislation to create a Reparative Justice Task Force in New Jersey.

The Task Force will focus on repairing structural racism in New Jersey that can be traced back to slavery in the state and around the country, and recommend targeted policies and investments in Black communities that will address the lasting damage of America’s – and New Jersey’s – original sin.

“Four hundred years after the arrival of the first Black people in Jamestown as captives, many people don’t realize that slavery had deep roots in Northern states like New Jersey, and that it left an ugly and pervasive legacy that still plagues us today with some of the worst racial disparities in the nation. Whether it’s wealth, youth justice, or voting rights, Black people in New Jersey face challenges that their white neighbors don’t,” said Ryan P. Haygood, President & CEO of the Institute. “We are grateful to the legislators who are willing to step up to address what remains an uncomfortable but critical issue for the well-being of all of New Jersey’s residents.”

Upon passage, the Task Force will issue an interim report no later than one year after its first meeting, and a final report after two years.


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