New Jersey Institute for Social Justice Reacts to Trump Census Memo



NEWARK -- The following statement in response to President Trump’s Memorandum attempting to exclude undocumented persons from apportionment counts can be attributed to Ryan P. Haygood, President & CEO of the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice:

“Through today’s memorandum regarding Census data, President Trump is attempting to exclude undocumented people from representation in our government. This is both unconstitutional and morally reprehensible.

“Everyone counts in the Census. Everyone – regardless of race, age or citizenship status – everyone must be counted. New Jersey alone receives billions in federal funds allocated through an accurate Census count. The administration action today does not change that and a full count is as important as ever. Take the Census now at

“Excluding undocumented people from the data provided by the Census Bureau for reapportionment purposes will mean their very existence – and their interests – will be excluded from districting maps that are drawn throughout the country. This is a blatant power play seeking to garner partisan advantage and deny residents of the United States their due representation and electoral power.

“We and other advocates will not let this stand. We will continue to work toward a full count in the Census and will fight to ensure all people are counted when drawing districts.”


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