New Jersey Institute for Social Justice Reacts to Chauvin Trial Verdict



New Jersey Institute for Social Justice Reacts to Chauvin Trial Verdict


NEWARK – The New Jersey Institute for Social Justice today reacted to the verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd.

The following can be attributed to Ryan Haygood, President & CEO:

“America let out a breath today because legal justice was served.

“Even in this case, where we saw with our own eyes a police officer crush the life out of George Floyd, history did not forecast this verdict with any certainty.

“Yet even as we acknowledge legal justice in this one case, we must remember that real justice would mean that George Floyd was still alive.

“True justice would mean that Mr. Floyd would have the opportunity to see his children and grandchildren grow up. And so much more.

“But he won't.

“Mr. Floyd was killed by Chauvin and a broader system of racist policing in America.

“A system that killed another Black man, Daunte Wright, just miles away from the courthouse where Chauvin was tried.

“A system that, before Daunte, also took the lives of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Rayshard Brooks, Breonna Taylor, Atatiana Jefferson, Elijah McClain, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott and so many more.

“This is not a system challenged by a few bad apples.

“We are talking about an orchard of trees that are poisoned at the root – supported by a culture that too often produces poisoned, deadly fruit.

“This broken policing system is part of a broader American system that is sick with racism.

“An American system that is built upon a foundation that is cracked by structural racism, cracks that erupt into earthquakes in Black communities every day in the persistent violence by police on Black bodies; the persistent disparities in wealth, health care, education, justice and democracy; and the persistent refusal to meaningfully fund reparative systems and structures that will make these communities whole.

“All of these things are true right here in New Jersey, where Black people face some of the worst racial disparities in America.

“So even as we take in today’s verdict, it is past time to build a new system.

“A new system that prioritizes accountability for law enforcement officials.

“A new system that looks beyond policing to what community investments Black people need to really be safe.

“A new system that protects and empowers Black lives in all areas of life.

“We are working together to build that new system right here in New Jersey.

“See how and stand with us by going here.

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