Institute and League of Women Voters of NJ Respond to Gov. Murphy’s General Election Plan



Institute and League of Women Voters of NJ Respond to Gov. Murphy’s General Election Plan


NEWARK – The New Jersey Institute for Social Justice and the League of Women Voters of New Jersey issued the following statement responding to today’s announcement by Governor Murphy regarding procedures for the Nov. 3 General Election:

“These are unprecedented times and we appreciate that Governor Murphy had many factors to weigh to protect both our democracy and public health for the General Election in November.

“We are heartened that eligible voters will be receiving mail-in ballots, and that they can return them via mail, drop boxes or at polling places on Election Day. It is also important that online voter registration will be available on September 4, 2020.

“We encourage New Jersey to increase the announced number of open polling places so that almost 100% are open. This will both decrease voter confusion and crowding.

“We also encourage the state to increase the number of drop boxes available from 10 per county to at least one per municipality, with even more locations in more populous locations. No one should have to travel a significant distance to take advantage of this option. Especially given the current climate around race and policing, these sites should not be near law enforcement facilities.

“And critically, the state must implement an early, robust and aggressive voter education campaign so that New Jersey voters understand exactly how to vote in these challenging times and how to make sure their votes count.

“In the July primary, some New Jersey voters experienced confusion and obstacles. Our groups are in the process of conducting a survey to learn about these issues, and we look forward to sharing the results with the Murphy Administration and working together to address as many of them as possible in November.

“The coming election is one of the most important – even urgent – in American, and New Jersey, history. Never has it been more crucial that everyone vote, and every vote be counted. New Jersey must make that as easy as possible.”

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