Ideas for New Jersey to Increase Voter Participation (Opinion)

New Jersey 101.5's Steve Trevelise reports

The New Jersey Institute for Social Justice is looking to increase voter participation and in a new report identifies what it calls four barriers to “a robust, inclusive democracy.” They have recommended 11 changes it says can boost voter participation in the state. Included are mandatory civics classes in high schools, paid time for voting, and same day registration.

My social media following would like to add a few more:

Russell Bien: "Many states start voting a month early. You can go vote in the evening or weekend before November at your convince. No lines, no waiting. Your vote gets locked in and will not be counted till November 3."

Domenick Stellato: "Give out 'I voted' stickers."

Mark Lemma: "Free pizza at the poles."

Garth H. Raymond: "Have a candidate worth voting for. Do that by limiting terms, allowing only equal spending. And giving independent candidates an equal forum with the two main parties."

John Skinski: "Have None of the above on the ballot."

Robin Fox: "National holiday or weekend voting."

Robert Pisani: "Put certain policies out on a referendum so that the people of the state vote on whether they want to be a sanctuary state for example."

Jimmy Givens: "Shuttle Bus for seniors who don't drive! If the candidates want/expect their constituents and possible others to vote for them!"

Hank Reynolds: "Smaller government less pay to play make average Joe’s vote count. Fewer people on the state payroll that vote themselves all the pie."

Michael Hoydis: "Just keep pissing off the citizens. Sooner or later, they will rise up and vote."

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