Veteran's Employment Challenges. A Survey by Prudential

Veterans say finding a job is their greatest challenge when returning to civilian life New Prudential survey focuses on Veterans’ perceptions and experiences transitioning from military to civilian life Prudential recently conducted a landmark study on the employment challenges Veterans face when transitioning from military to civilian life. And according to the study, nearly 70 percent of Veterans said "finding a job" is their greatest challenge. 

The "Veterans' Employment Challenges" study, which polled 1,845 Post-9/11 and Gulf War II-era Veterans, also showed that 64 percent experienced a difficult transition to civilian life. Prudential conducted the study in partnership with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America to better understand Veterans' experiences and perceptions around finding civilian careers. "With tens of thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans returning from service, the good news is that the nation is more focused than ever on helping Veterans transition back into civilian careers," said Raymond Weeks, vice president, Veterans Initiatives at Prudential. "

But with unemployment among Veterans significantly higher than the population overall, particularly those under 30, the need to help get Veterans on career paths has never been greater." Want to learn more about the findings? Read the "Veterans' Employment Challenges" study. Want to talk to Ray? Contact Sheila Bridgeforth.


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