Faith Justice NJ: End the school-to-prison pipeline for children of color

Dr. Rev. Terry L. Richardson and Rev. Timothy Levi Jones write for the Star Ledger:

As religious leaders of all different faiths and denominations we recognize youth incarceration -- and its inherent racial disparities -- is an issue of morality, not just of policy.

And so, we have joined more than 20 faith leaders from across New Jersey as part of Faith Justice New Jersey, a coalition of faith leaders who endorse a transformation of our juvenile justice system into a system of community-based care...

Every February we're asked to be reflect on our great history, celebrating the millions of unsung and unknown heroes who bled, marched, boycotted, sang, organized to dismantle Jim Crow and shepherd through the Voting Rights Act. But we are also reminded of the challenges that lie ahead every month of the year, and the work that remains to create a state and country in which Black Lives Matter. 

Like those heroic soldiers for justice who came before us, those who declared, "Ain't I a woman," we must now answer the children who cry out, "Ain't I a child." Join us in this righteous struggle. 

To read the full piece, please click here.

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