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By supporting us, you will join our work to ensure that vulnerable communities, including Black and other communities of color that live in low income households live in a NJ that provides equal access to economic opportunity, empowers their voice in the political process and safeguards equal justice under the law for everyone.


Economic Justice

By supporting us, you will join our work to develop policies and practices that will close NJ’s staggering racial wealth gap and connect residents of color to full-time, meaningful work and wealth. Current campaigns: housing, guaranteed income, student loans, baby bonds, racial impact data and advocating for a reparations task force.


Criminal Justice Reform

By supporting us, you will join our work to advocate for the reimagining of traditional policing practices and the transformation of NJ’s criminal justice system. Current campaigns: policing reimagined, closing youth prisons - examining costs of youth incarceration, youth justice mental health and trauma.


Democracy & Justice

By supporting us, you will join our work to advance a progressive and policy-driven agenda to expand the franchise, build democratic power and ensure political accountability. Current campaigns: voting rights/protection, redistricting and voter restoration.

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Please make checks payable to the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice (NJISJ) and mail to: NJISJ, 60 Park Place, Suite 511, Newark, NJ 07102.

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