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We are working to make the promise of democracy real for people of color across New Jersey by working to expand access to the polls and restoring the right to vote to people with criminal convictions.


Read our assessment of the 2020 Primary Elections and the 2020 General Election.

Read the letter from the Institute and 80 other groups urging elected officials to enact same-day voter registration so New Jerseyans can exercise Democracy in a Day.

Read our letter to New Jersey counties demanding that mail-in ballot boxes be moved from police stations here.

Learn why your vote for elected officials is your vote on policing.

Read our lawsuit saying New Jersey must provide notice and opportunity to cure rejected mail-in ballots.

To protect NJ’s elections, we intervened in the Trump campaign’s lawsuit against New Jersey. Protecting voters, the court ruled in favor of key parts of NJ's election plans.

Video: Watch Democracy and Justice Director Henal Patel and Communications Director Laurie Beacham Talk Democracy in the Age of COVID-19.

Read the letter to Congress from the Institute and partners supporting the Voting Rights Advancement Act.

Read the letter from 33 state & national groups asking NJ legislators to keep police away from voting locations, and see our testimony here.

Read our brief challenging the undemocratic use of "the line" on New Jersey's ballots.

Read our letter demanding an investigation into voting problems in Newark.


Read about 1844 No More, our campaign to restore the vote to those with criminal convictions



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Contact the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice at [email protected] to find out how you can get involved to help expand access to the voting booth for communities of color and restore the right to vote to those with criminal convictions.