Protecting and Promoting the Right to Vote


We are working to make the promise of democracy real for people of color across New Jersey by working to expand access to the polls and restoring the right to vote to people with criminal convictions.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we must keep our upcoming elections robust, safe and accessible to all. Choosing our leaders is more important than ever. The Institute and 34 other state and national organizations made specific recommendations in our letter to elected officials. Read it here.

Read our lawsuit saying New Jersey must provide notice and opportunity to cure rejected mail-in ballots.

Interested in hosting local candidates to meet with community members? Use our Virtual Candidate Forum Toolkit to learn how to do this safely online during this public health crisis.

Read our letter to New Jersey counties demanding that mail-in ballot boxes be moved from police stations here.

Learn why your vote for elected officials is your vote on policing.

Facebook Live Video: Listen to Democracy and Justice Director Henal Patel and Communications Director Laurie Beacham Talk Democracy in the Age of COVID-19.