Are there available jobs with the Census Bureau?

1. Is the Census Bureau hiring?

Yes. The Census Bureau is hiring Enumerators, Census Field Supervisors/Recruiting Assistants, Office Operations Supervisors, and Office Clerks.

2. Can I be considered for a Census Bureau job if I have a criminal conviction?

Yes. Those with criminal histories can and should apply for Census 2020 positions. This is the first hiring cycle since the court-approved settlement10 for $15 million against the Census Bureau. The Census Bureau was sued for discriminatory hiring practices against people of color with criminal histories. The Census Bureau is now required to assist applicants with correcting mistakes on criminal records and to provide advance notice for hiring. The 2020 count will require a large and diverse workforce. The Census Bureau still considers criminal history, but there are no general prohibitions on hiring.

3. Will the Census Bureau hire non-citizens?

It is unclear at this time. The Census Bureau hired non-citizen legal residents in the past through federal waivers. The Census Bureau requested waivers from the federal government for Census 2020, but has not received them. If a non-citizen legal resident applies and the waivers are received, their application status will move from “ineligible” to “eligible.” Therefore, non-citizens may be hired in the future.

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