Black Voters Of New Jersey To Murphy: Remember The #94Percent

Newark Patch reports:

NEWARK, NJ — They're calling themselves the #94Percent… "the number of black voters who cast their ballots for Gov. Phil Murphy in 2017."

On Saturday, Oct. 27, a grassroots coalition of community groups will launch the "Rally for the #94Percent" in Newark to demand that Murphy take action on three racial justice issues in the Garden State:

  • "Transforming the Youth Justice System"
  • "Closing the Racial Wealth Gap"
  • "Restoring the Right to Vote to People with Criminal Convictions"

A march is scheduled to begin at Avon Avenue School at 11 a.m. (219 Avon Avenue, Newark) and a rally will begin at Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church at noon (231-251 Seymour Avenue, Newark). Learn more about the event here.

According to a news release from organizers:

"The Rally for the #94Percent is a grassroots gathering calling on New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy to be accountable to the 94 percent of black voters that elected him into office. Specifically, the sponsoring organizations are calling on the governor to commit to the following: (1) transforming New Jersey's youth justice system by convening the youth justice taskforce recommended by his Law and Justice Transition Advisory Committee; (2) supporting and eventually signing S-2100/A-3456, legislation that would restore the right to vote to people with criminal convictions; and (3) working toward closing the racial wealth gap by prioritizing wealth generation and home ownership in black communities."

Organizers stated:

"Without this support from the black community, it is unlikely that Phil Murphy would be New Jersey's governor: Fifty-three percent of white voters supported his opponent. But nine months into his administration, Governor Murphy has not focused on critical issues facing the 94%."

Supporters of the rally include the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice and its partners, Rutgers Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Campus Center; New Jersey Black Issues Convention; NAACP New Jersey State Conference; Salvation and Social Justice; New Jersey Association of Black Women Lawyers; and Fair Share Housing Center.

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