Are there reasons my vote-by-mail ballot could be rejected?

If you are registered voter, your vote-by-mail ballot should not be rejected so long it is properly cast and received on time.

· If a ballot does not arrive on time, it will be rejected. Ballots that are postmarked by November 3rd must be received by the county board of elections by November 10. Ballots that lack a postmark must be received within 48 hours of Election Day. To ensure your vote-by-mail ballot is not late, you can either drop your vote-by-mail ballot off at a secure drop box location, at your county board of elections office, or at your polling place on Election Day.

· Vote-by-mail ballots that are returned without the certificate will be rejected. Please be careful not to detach that portion of the ballot and follow all instructions. If needed, you can request a replacement ballot from your county board of elections.

· If your signature is missing or if it does not match the signature on your voter file, the county board of elections may tentatively reject your ballot. However, there is now a procedure in place to ensure your ballot still counts! If your ballot is tentatively rejected because of a signature issue, the county will mail you a “Cure Letter” within 24 hours of their review. Please watch out for it in the mail! The Cure Letter will include a Cure Form allowing you to verify your ballot. You will have to verify your identity by providing your driver’s license number, the last four digits of your social security number, or a state-accepted ID – such as an official document that lists your name and address, or a utility or telephone bill or tax or rent receipt. You must sign and date the form. You will have until November 18 (48 hours before the November 20 election certification date) to return the form to your county board of election, either in person, by fax, by email, or by mail (mail has to be received by November 18, not just postmarked).

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