Will everyone receive a vote-by-mail ballot?

  • Every registered voter is eligible to receive a vote-by-mail ballot by applying for one. Unless they are already on the default vote-by-mail list, voters will not be automatically sent a vote-by-mail ballot without a request. When filling out your application you can signify if you want to be placed on the default vote-by-mail list going forward (wherein you will receive a vote-by-mail ballot for all future elections). To confirm whether you are on the default list, please call your county clerk.
  • You can find the vote-by-mail application here. The application must be returned to your county clerk. For the November 2 election, the postmark deadline to apply for a mail-in ballot by mail is October 26 and the in-person application deadline is November 1 by 3 p.m. The deadline to either drop off or postmark the actual vote-by-mail ballot is November 2.

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