Our Mission


The Institute’s mission is to empower New Jersey residents to realize and achieve their full potential. Established in 1999 by Alan V. and Amy Lowenstein, the Institute is known for its dynamic and independent advocacy aimed at toppling load-bearing walls of structural inequality to create just, vibrant, and healthy communities. We employ a broad range of advocacy tools to advance our ambitious social and racial justice agenda, including research, analysis and writing, public education, grassroots organizing, communications, the development of pilot programs, legislative strategies, and litigation. 

Using a holistic approach to addressing the unique and critical issues facing New Jersey’s communities, the Institute advocates for systemic reform that is at once transformative, achievable in the state, and replicable in communities across the nation. Learn more about the Institute by reading our brochure, available online here


Social justice should be the underlying goal of all humanity. 

Alan V. Lowenstein, Esq., Founder, NJISJ