In 1844, New Jersey first denied the vote to people with criminal convictions -- the same year it restricted the vote to white men in its Constitution.

This egregious form of voter suppression -- which ties the sacred franchise to the racially biased criminal justice system -- has denied the vote to over 100,000 people in New Jersey.

In December 2019, New Jersey came much closer to saying it's 1844 NO MORE when Gov. Murphy signed into law voting rights restoration for 83,000 people on probation and parole.

Now we must restore the vote to the 19,000 people in prison, who should not have their voices silenced. 

When people in prison can vote, it reenforces a connection to their communities, and can help with rehabilitation and re-entry.

When we close that final gap, we will truly say it is 1844 NO MORE in our state.




Read about the new law restoring voting rights to people on parole and probation.

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Over 100 organizations have signed on to support full voting rights restoration.

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