Step Two: Forums - Building a Template for Success

With community input, we've designed our forums to build a respectful environment for dialogue and action planning.

How it works:

There are four core components to the forums.  The forums begin with a presentation of the issues by a community voice (for example, a representative from a community organization).  This is followed by a response and consideration by law enforcement.  After the response by law enforcement, there is a question and answer session done with written questions for the entire group.  The forums conclude with breakout groups led by facilitators using written briefing materials.  The briefing materials set out some challenging topics – e.g., body police cameras, efforts to improve diversity recruitment and special prosecutors for incidents of police related deaths - and come with guidelines to facilitate effective communication among all sides. 

The key guidelines are:

  • Every Person Has A Voice and Every Voice Should be Heard.

  • Come With Your Baggage Not In It

  • Do not try to save, fix, correct, advise or counsel other participants

  • Speak your truth, without dressing it up in your position or expertise

  • Seek to understand before seeking to be understood.

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